Paul & Charlie Farren’s Vintage Bicycle Collection

From: ABCs “The Collectors”  – Early Bikes 29 May 2009

via Melbourne Cyclist

Paul Farren says he and his wife Charlie probably have 85% of the pre -1900s bicycles in Australia, and all under one roof. Thirty years of hunting them down and collecting has resulted in one of the top 10 early bike collections in the world – it includes 160 pre-1900 bicycles, some post-1900 bikes, tricycles, hobby horses, and penny farthings.

A collection of rare early machine tools assists with the restorations and rebuilds, and through the collection, the development of the bicycle and the change in its use can be seen. Paul and Charlie love taking their bikes for a spin, and Paul says he loves the experience of getting on a bike and going for a ride just as its original owner may have 100 years earlier. Charlie loves the simple designs and says for females they symbolised independence and freedom.

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