Proposed Cycleway from Tahmoor to Picton High School

On The Right Path

Wollondilly Mayor, Michael Banasik is pushing for funding for a shared cycle and pathway between Picton Highschool and Tahmoor

Cr Banasik said the path would improve safety for students and pedestrians, and would also promote exerciseand a healthy lifestyle

The shared path and cycleway is expected to cost more than $300,000 to construct.

BARBUG cyclist group members Alan Willock and Sally Knyvett support Michael Banasik's (centre) push for a shared cycleway between Tahmoor and Picton High School

to read entire article go to: Macarthur Chronicle

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Cycle Style

What Is Cycle Style?

Not only can you hop on a beautiful bicycle, you can look fantastic too!

Looking Great On a Bike

Girls, wear whatever clothes you want. Heels, skirts, slacks, a lovely jacket, cape or scarf. Even helmet design is becoming a little more classy. For the guys it’s the same, wear whatever you like as long as you are comfortable and have the freedom of movement required for cycling.

A Word About Helmets They are a legal requirement in Australia. The pictures are from Europe, where helmets are optional. Personally I would not consider riding without a helmet, but I can see a case for cyclists that ride only off road on cycle paths at a sedate pace, not to use them. Unfortunately it would be very difficult to police, as there are always times when you need to be on a road.  My attitude is “Your head is precious, look after it”.
Check out the nutcase helmets, they are great fun. Also a standard helmet can always be disguised with a scarf.

Patrick Mcnee & Diana Rigg Avenging Style

There are many websites that display and sell clothes and accessories that are designed to make you look and feel fantastic on a bike. These are but a few:

 The Bicycles

Cycling with Style - No Lycra & NO advertising!

For me, this is the exciting part. Bicycles from backyard sheds and garages all around the country are being restored to their former glory. Old step-throughs that haven’t seen the light of day for many years are being lovingly cleaned up and proudly ridden. The addition of a wicker basket and/or a rear rack makes them useful as well as imbuing them with a little old-world charm and style.
In fact these old bicycles have become so sought-after that they are fetching quite high prices on eBay, especially if they have been restored.
Several companies are importing or building brand new ladies and gents bikes with a style that harks back to the mid 1900s, as in the photo above. The cyclists are riding Creme Bicycles

I have My Lovely Old Speedwell, which has been in pieces for a couple of years. I only need to source some mud-guards and I’ll be ready to put it together. Then Tweed Rides and bike paths, here I come!

Where to buy a beautiful bike?

There are many stores in australia that supply urban bicycles both new and pre-loved. Some are listed below:

 The Infrastructure

Sydney Bourke ST Cycle-way

For this new bicycle culture to be successful  in Australia, decent cycling infrastructure needs to exist. This is particularly the case in the city, where traffic is heavy and the peak hour car-park makes it a very viable option for those living in inner city suburbs, to commute by bike.  Often cyclists can use shared pathways that exist in parks as well as quiet back streets to keep them away from major roads, however there are some spots where the cyclists and traffic must share the road. It is these areas that need dedicated cycle-ways that keep cyclists safe and allow optimum traffic flow.

Once there is sufficient cycle infrastructure in the city and suburbs bike usage will increase many-fold. We only have to look at Copenhagen and London to see what is possible.

In Australia, our affluent western culture, large distances and poor public transport has allowed us to become so car-centric that many people give no thought at  all to public or active transport. Improved public transport, shared pathways and cycle ways, although costly to implement, will in the long-term, prove beneficial to our environment and public health.

Lobby your local council for improved cycling facilities, hop on a bike, encourage your friends to ride too. Enjoy the great outdoors,  and prove that better bicycle infrastructure is required.


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Want to Save a Million Dollars?

Of course you do, we all do, well here’s how:

Here’s a link to a fantastic post in Ride On Mag

Want to save a million dollars, or pay off your mortgage 13 years early? Incredibly, those are realistic savings from swapping a car for a bike, find Jon Miller and Stephen Huntley.

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Bicycle Riding Stars

This gallery contains 12 photos.

Many Stars of Stage and Screen Enjoyed A Ride. Some lovely old press photos show us what bikestyle is all about! These photos are from a wonderful site called “Rides A Bike”    

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Beauty and the Bike Short

This fantastic video explains why girls don’t ride bikes and how to encourage them to enjoy urban cycling.

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The Ride Sydney Experiment – Prelude

This is a realy FUN Video for RIDESYDNEY.COM

The Ride Sydney Experiment – Prelude from MC Cyclery on Vimeo.

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words to LIVE by – Not just cylists

This is a really good article posted by Noel Semple about why female riders are so vulnerable

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Whale Watching with BARBUG

Ride Leader: Phil Rylatt

Meet Wolli Creek Station for 10am start

46 km

Easy/Medium/Leisurely pace

Mainly Cycle Path – Some Traffic

Scenic ride mostly on Bay to Bay cycle path, includes some short hills and Captain Cook bridge.
Cafe stop at Dolls Point then on to Kurnell.
Bring snacks, lunch, binoculars and windproof jacket (can be windy).
Ride finishes at Cronulla Station. We’ll return to Wolli Creek by train.

Ride finishes at Cronulla Station. We’ll return to Wolli Creek by train.

Call or email to confirm:

Phil: 8795 0546

Sally: 46841444

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Around the Wollondilly Sunday 9th May

Ride Leader – Phil Rylatt

50km; Medium Ride/ moderate Pace/ Some Traffic/ Significant Hills

Starts: 10.00AM;Picton Railway Station carpark. Undulating ride on mainly quiet rural roads with some significant hills.Enjoy rural scenery and orchard country as the ride takes in the towns of Picton, Thirlmere, Bargo and Tahmoor. Lunch at the Bargo Hotel.

5 of us set out for a great ride. The weather was gorgeous and Wollondilly looked it’s best. The route was a figure 8 encompassing Picton, Thirlmere, Couridjah, Bargo, Tahmoor, Thirlmere and back to Picton.

We stopped for a scrumptious lunch at Le Jardin Cafe in the delightful new Tahmoor Garden Centre ( Bargo) and ended with a drink at the historic Imperial Hotel, Picton. As a mum and keen cyclist I found this a very pleasant way to spend Mother’s Day – Thanks Phil.

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Discover Picton Botanic Gardens

A very interesting day, with a small but enthusiastic turnout.

Cycle Picton Botanic Gardens Bike Track

Saturday 15th May

Meet at 10.30am, Picton Bowling Club, Cnr Cliffe & Argyle Streets, Picton for an introductory briefing and proceed to the Picton Botanical Gardens.

Come for a fun, easy and relaxing bicycle ride at the Picton Botanical Gardens on Saturday 15 May 2010. Enjoy the beautiful rural surroundings while cycling along the 6.2km cycleway circuit.

Cyclists of all ages welcome. Children under 16 must be accompanied by a cycling adult. This event is conducted by qualified ride leaders.
Free bike hire available on site (conditions apply).


  • 10.30am – Helmet fitting and basic bicycle maintenance demonstration
  • 10.45am – road safety talk
  • 11am – Enjoy a healthy morning tea
  • 11.30am – Practical cycling course
  • 12 noon – Group ride at Picton Botanic Gardens

Contact Sufia on 4633 4121 by Thursday 13 May to book your free bike.

Sydney South West Area Health Service

More Info:

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