Dear Loyal Followers
On 11th June the company which I used to host this blog, as well as many other websites, was hacked. All of the servers were badly compromised. In all 48,000 websites were lost.
As soon as I had access to the domains, I redirected them to another hosting company in the USA. Fortunately most websites I provide are basic html sites, copies of which are stored on my computer, so it was a simple matter to upload them to the new server.
However blogs are interactive and store all their posts and comments in a database on the server. If the server is corrupted the info is lost. We managed to salvage most posts up to June 2010.
We have lost a year’s posts from June 2010 to June 2011
If you made a comment or asked a question over the last year, could you please re-comment, so we can get the blog as up-to-date as possible. I will do my best to restore the newer posts. For now, we just roll on… :roll:
Thank You

About BargoSal

Keen cyclist, my aim is to get bums on seats, work with council to improve cycling infrastructure and driver awareness. I am also a website designer.
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