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Damien Azzopardi is  a final year Industrial Industrial design student studying at the University of  Technology Sydney in NSW. He is currently doing his final year dissertation paper on ‘Cycling in Australia’. The purpose of the paper is to identify design needs in the recreation industry of cycling, and to develop it into a design project based on the research for my major project next semester.

I’m a cyclist myself and  I’m hoping to somehow improve cycling in some way shape or form, and if I am going to understand what cyclists needs or wants are, then I’ll need to get feedback from cyclists. I’m hoping you will be able to help me get some feedback from cyclists. My research relies heavily on the kindness of others to spare me some of their time,

If it is at all possible i was hoping you could circulate the below link for my 5min Survey to any willing members. Or if not to your members, just to yourself and any friends or family who also cycle. I don’t need a vast amount of responses, but the more i get the richer my report will be.

This is the Survey Link

Thanks for your time!

About BargoSal

Keen cyclist, my aim is to get bums on seats, work with council to improve cycling infrastructure and driver awareness. I am also a website designer.
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