Aquafit Charity Ride

Aquafit Campbelltown organised a charity ride to coincide with the Goulburn to Citi race. The ride started at the Catholic Club in Campbelltown. The route included the steep climb up Old Razorback Rd that the Goulburn to Citi riders would soon negotiate for KOM3. After a rest at the top of Razorback the Aquafit ride headed  back to Camden to enjoy the finish of the pro-race.

Alan Willock  writes:

We had a very short briefing before the ride and then took off in a fairly brisk pace.

The police were amazing in the way they kept us moving and even blocked off traffic for us to get the 200 or so riders through.  The pace quickened and although the ride is not a race it soon became a friendly competition.

From the start to the Cawdor turn off we averaged 32kph.  Baz dropped off the pace a little at Camden Valley Inn with me dropping back at the Cawdor turn off.  I should have done the same as it cost me on the climb up Old Razorback Rd.  Having said that we still managed to keep the leading group in sight.

Baz caught me up about 1km from the top and we met up again at the  rest area at the top. Gina and Leisel turned up shortly after and we had a bit of a break before heading down Razorback on Remembrance Drive.

I would have to say that this was the most memorable and enjoyable ride that I have ever been on.

It’s amazing how much better the ride was with the excellent roads and  the full police escort.

After a coffee in Camden we all walked down to the roundabout at the entrance to the main street to watch the pro-riders finish their race

And what a fine spectacle that was with everyone of us being left stunned by the blistering pace set by the race leaders on the up- hill finish.

I think I can safely say we will be back next year to do this ride again.

Aquafit Charity ride on Razorback

Through main street to finish

Pro riders racing up main street to finish

Goulburn to Citi race leaders setting a blistering pace, approaching the finish

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