Why Do You LOVE Cycling?

I Love cycling because….:

I’m trying to get to the nitty-gritty of what cycling does for YOU. Is it just a good form of exercise, or is there more to it?

What is it that makes people so passionate about their cycling?

If we can put a finger on it, maybe it will help promote, what we already know to be, a fantastic, fun and satisfying hobby, sport and/or means of transport.
I would love Everyone to comment. Young or old, sports, recreation, commuting, bmx, road or mountain. If you cycle because you love it, tell me why.

I’ll try to kick it off:

I cycle for recreation & exercise. Cycling  immediately made me feel younger because:

  • it bought back feelings from childhood, wind in face, a little bit scary, freedom.
  • Cycling is soft on the joints, so my dodgy ankle does not object.
  • Peddling along is enormously satisfying, (I don’t know why) perhaps, with the help of gears, you feel few limitations.
  • With only a little practice I could climb a small hill which I thought only the young and fit could do.
  • Riding fast is exhilarating and FUN, and I CAN DO IT.
  • Climbing a “significant hill” is tough, but I CAN DO IT and it feels fantastic when I’ve achieved a tough climb!
    Breathing hard, then getting breath back, a little more quickly than the last time is very rewarding.
  • Riding with friends is wonderful, sharing the good and the tough and importantly, the coffee at the end!

What does cycling mean for you?

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Keen cyclist, my aim is to get bums on seats, work with council to improve cycling infrastructure and driver awareness. I am also a website designer.
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