What My Bike Sees

This is a self-indulgent category that I can use to post photos of things I see out cycling that I think are worthy, interesting, funny, weird or beautiful.

Of course I welcome comments or photos of things your bike sees on your rides that you think are worthy of a mention. Email them to me with a short description and I’ll be happy to include them.

(This is one of the posts I lost due to the server being hacked in June 2011. I am recreating it as best I can, and will continue to add photos from time to time)

March 2011

I ride regularly to Avon Dam. This beautiful sandstone formation has been left exposed on a wall adjacent to the dam. My bike thinks it’s a personal rainbow.

Rock Formation Avon Dam

April 2011

Avon Dam in autumn is very pretty, bikes think so too.

Autumn Leaves - Ahhh

On west Parade,  at Buxton there is an unusual garden full of eclectic items. Bike was particularly taken with this tea-tree, or is it a coffee-tree?

Mug Tree!

Council cleanup usually finds verges full of all sorts of broken household items – but this is weird!

Creepy Horse!

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