Trax Adventure Gear

Trax Adventure Trailer

A Versatile Box Trailer to Tow Your Bikes, Camping and Adventure Race Gear.

An exciting new product has come on to the market for cyclists, and in particular, adventure racing enthusiasts.

It is a box trailer with a specialised top which can take up to 7 bikes, leaving the trailer free to take your camping or racing gear.

No more struggling with bikes on car roofs and gear squished in the boot.

No need to take more than one car to an event or on a camping trip.

With this trailer you can pack up the whole family’s gear, their bikes, the tent and cooking gear and have plenty of room for the kids and their friends in the car!

Trax Adventure Trailer

Trax Adventure Trailer

Trax Adventure Trailer

Trax Adventure Trailer

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2 Responses to Trax Adventure Gear

  1. Steve wilson says:

    Am interested in ordering some versatile trailers and will like to know which types and sizes you do have in stock with some pricing and also include your direct website where i can view all those that you do have in stock.Let me know if you do take a surcharge when accepting either master cards or visa.


  2. BargoSal says:

    You will need to get in touch with the business owners via the website

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