Do Silly Helmets Stop Magpie Attack?

With spring on it’s way, this post unfortunately will be relevant to many of us.

Recently a BARBUG member was attacked by a very determined maggie. Twice he swooped, forcefully hitting her helmet. On the third attempt he penetrated the helmet with his foot and got stuck! Poor Janette, here she was trying to stay upright on her bike with a claw scratching her scalp and a very agro magpie flapping furiously above her head! She managed to stop her bike, undo her helmet and throw it to the ground, thus dislodging the angry bird. A very frightening experience for both parties!

After a little internet research I have come up with 2 very informative videos on solutions to this Spring avian problem.

If anyone has any other ideas, we would be delighted to know.

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  1. Mike Ross says:

    Thanks for going to so much trouble. Now I’m off to look for a big afro wig.
    Cheers Mike

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