Cycle South Sulawesi

Join me, Colin Freestone, on the second Indonesian Sulawesi Tour, August 2009.
Sulawesi’s that spidery shaped island east of Borneo, north of Bali.
The island hosts the Wallace Line which divides Asian and Australian vegetation.

After 40 years of family, work and recreational travel all over the archipelago I’ve concluded that Sulawesi is the best place for cycling in Indonesia.
I want to share, through cycling, my experience, love and knowledge of Indonesia.


Trip includes:
·      Makassar (capital of the historic spice trade)
·      Malino Highlands (tea plantations, waterfalls, rustic mountain villages)
·      Tana Beru (home of Indonesia’s wooden sail boat building industry)
·      Tanjung Bira (white sands and crystal clear waters)
·      Bantaeng (spectacular Bisappu waterfall)
·      Jeneponto (Horse, corn and salt making regency)

Trip features:
Leader                                Fluent Indonesian speaking Australian
Timing                                1-9 August 2009
Cycle days                          6
Distance                             500 km
Terrain                               4 mountain, 2 coastal days, 1 day beach relax
Accommodation (nights)   Hotel (6) beach cottage (2) guesthouse (1)
Yoga (led)                           Every day
Swimming                          8/9 days
Cost                                    US$ 1099 (all in after touch down in Makassar)
Options                               6 day option half distance daily rides
Phone                                +61 2 9983 0205

Hope to see you along.
Colin Freestone

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