2009 Sydney Spring Cycle

A contingent from BARBUG rode in yesterday’s BNSW’s Spring Cycle event.

The wind was howling a gale here in Bargo. I think  those brave souls who participated deserve a medal!

This is Alan Willock’s account of the day:

We all arrived at the Liverpool start before 7.30am, Rosie, Baz, Gary, Gina and myself.

The wind was a bit chilly however it wasn’t too strong.

We had an enjoyable ride with a couple of exceptions: We got lost a couple of times as we reached intersections that did not
have signs telling which way to go. Some cyclists went in one direction and we went in another, we  eventually found each other and made it to the finish (although I  nearly didn’t make it after hitting a speed hump at high speed), Gina
almost hit a pole as well.

At the finish we were able to enjoy our lunch after joining long  queues.  Whilst waiting in the queue for coffee I was amazed to watch the skill of some riders playing hockey on uni cycles.

We decided to ride back to the start for the return journey and thats  when the wind came back with a vengeance with some areas being  sheltered and some completely open to the wind resulting in some  nervous riding.  We again took a wrong turn on the way back however  this worked out OK as we missed out on a very steep climb (the one  which on the way down I nearly launched myself into orbit on the speed  humps).

Rosie had a flat about half way. We all got back to the car park when Gina said “wheres Rosie”,

Well Baz went back to look for her and in the mean time Rosie shows up  and we had to wait for Baz to return.

After that we went to Maccas  for coffee ending a hard but enjoyable  ride.  My trip meter made it just under 104km travelled which is the longest distance that many of us have ridden (except for Gary).

Would we do it again?  well I think so although I would have preferred  it without that horrible wind.

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