1934 Goulburn To Sydney Cycle Race

Steve Daniels has kindly sent me photos of the 1934 Goulburn To Sydney Race.

They were taken by Sam Hood whose collection resides in the State Library of  NSW

The photos  are very appropriate as the 2009 race will be run on the 20th September.

For more info go to: The Pengana Goulburn to Citi Cycle Classic

If anyone has other historic photos or stories of the race they would like to share,  I’d be happy to display them for you.


1934 Goulburn to Sydney Cycle Classic Picton Rail Bridge

1934 Gpulburn to Sydney Cycle Classic
1934 Goulburn to Sydney Cycle Classic
Over Razorback
Over Razorback
Ouch! Somewhere on Razorback
Ouch! Somewhere on Razorback
Picton looks very wintery.
Picton looks very wintry.
On Razorback

On Razorback

Receiving a Drink

Receiving a Drink

Not all roads were sealed

Not all roads were sealed


Start in Goulburn

Start in Goulburn

Moss Vale

Moss Vale

Off road

Off road

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20 Responses to 1934 Goulburn To Sydney Cycle Race

  1. Guy Brand says:

    Just a question? Is there a full list of past winners of the Goulburn to Sydney Races?

  2. BargoSal says:

    Hello Guy – I am not aware of an electronic list. There is a book, I will get the name if you like, Paul Hillbrick has a copy.

  3. brian whyte says:

    Did you ever locate a list of past winners of the race, I am particularly interested in pre 1940 race winners.

  4. BargoSal says:

    Sorry for the delay in answering, I missed the email on my computer. I did ask Paul Hillbrick, who has a book with history of the race. He has not been back to me. I’ll try and get the name of the book for you. There does not appear to be much on the internet.
    I found this link: http://canberrabicyclemuseum.com.au/MalvernStar/don_kirkham.htm
    It may not be there for long as the museum has closed.
    This is probably the book that Paul has: 90 Years of a Cycling Classic – Goulburn to Sydney 1902 – 1992 by Jack Hepher and John Drummond
    This is an interesting link: http://www.powerhousemuseum.com/collection/database/?irn=358702&img=164835
    Also, this is a fantastic read: http://www.kokodaspirit.com/writing-history/journey-through-time-intro.htm
    Hope this has been of some help

  5. Jenny Hawkins says:

    My Dad came third in the Amateur Section of the 1934 race. Do you know whether these pictures are of the professionals or the amateurs? Also is this all there are or would there be more if I got to the State Library to have a look.

    It is easy enough to find the results in the Sydney Morning Herald or the Telegraph of that era if you have access to eg the State Library which has the old issues of newspapers on microfilm

    I have looked at those for some years when my father and uncle were riding and have those results. My uncle never was highly placed but he won a number of medallions over the years which I now have; I have images of them if they are of interest. Dad won a cup for his efforts in 1934. I would like to know if this was the only year he raced but that sort of information seems impossible to find.

  6. BargoSal says:

    Hi Jenny
    The only things I know about the race is what people have sent. I will talk to some racing friends who might know how to access archives.
    I would love to have a copy of any photos or memorabilia. It always generates interest and hopefully encourage others to do the same.
    The Powerhouse Museum has some cycling records and memorabilia. They might give you more leads. Also there is a Canberra based vintage club called Ozpushies who might be able to help you: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ozpushies/
    Regards Sal

  7. Jenny Hawkins says:

    I can send an image of the medallions if you can give me an address. Offsite is OK

    By the way I looked for the images above in the State Library and they identify them as 1930s not 1934 specifically. Does someone have extra information about the date of the photos?

  8. Back then the bikes were steel and so were the men who rode them. These days you’d be called nuts for even trying to ride Goulburn to Sydney on a single-speed or a fixed-gear bicycle. Even more amazing is the fact that the “roads” back then were sometimes little more than compacted dirt. (Almost reminds you of modern cyclo-cross racing).

    I have a 1950’s era bicycle, which would be almost identical to the ones they are racing in the above photos, but I found out that the fork steerer was cracked and warped. So, the wheels and other parts I had collected for it have been sold. I’ll do it up again one day – perhaps when I finish university, have an income and can afford to pay a frame repairer.

  9. Danny Wiggins says:

    My dad Albert (Bert) Wiggins came second in 1934. 22.9.34. 5hrs 59 mins 48 sec.

  10. BargoSal says:

    Thanks for the comment, if you have any photos, I will include them. Email sally@bargo.info

  11. Wayne Lewis says:

    Just a quick note re winners. I won the 1977 edition with a Crow in second place followed by Sid Long who rode alongside my self in the Nowra Cycle Club.
    Wayne Lewis

  12. Rosalie Lovell says:

    The results are listed in the book by Jack Hepher and John Drummond ’90 years of a Cycling Classic Goulburn to Sydney 1902 to 1992′. There is a copy of the book in the Heritage section of the Woden library in Canberra.

  13. BargoSal says:

    Hello Rosalie
    I have a copy of the book, and if anyone wants details of a specific race, I am happy to look it up for them

  14. carol tyrell says:

    My Dad Bill Simpson will be turning 100 in October and I would appreciate any photos of the Goulbourn to Sydney races that he was in,the years were 1934/35/36 any info would be greatly appreciated.I want to put something together for him as a surprise and to show all the friends and family that are coming to his birthday bash.

  15. Mike Tomalaris says:

    Great history. Love this stuff. Well done.

  16. BargoSal says:

    What a pity it has been cancelled this year: http://nationalroadseries.subaru.com.au/news/cycling-australia-announce-cancellation-of-goulburn-to-sydney/. So many people have put a huge amount of effort into it’s running over the last 8 years. Particularly Paul Hillbrick and The Collegians Cycling Club

  17. carol says:

    Question for jenny hawkins, My Dad is turning 100 next month and has lost his medals when he rode in the races in 1934/1935/1936 I would love some pictures of the medals to add to the memorabolia i have put together on a 1930 race wheel that someone lent to me.Many thanks

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  19. Brian O'Loughlin Tarneit Victoria says:

    I won the 1965 Goulburn to Sydney Pro event riding of limit, the next year 1966 I finished 4th 0r 5 th that years race was won by a fellow Victorian George Slicker. Sid Freshwater the NSW Secretary at the presentation jokingly no more Victorians.

  20. Bruce says:

    I have a medallion Marked Goulbourn Continental Road Race 12-11-09.
    On the back it says won by F.Wedd
    Can anyone tell me any history of this

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